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Our Story

Northshire Construction is co-owned and operated by John Baker and Scott DuFresne. Locals of Southern Vermont, we have been in the construction business together for 35 years working for multiple construction companies. We decided to branch out on our own in 2003. Since then, we have built, renovated, and remodeled many homes within the region. Our main priority is to have your vision come to life. With work done in and around Dorset, Manchester, Sunderland, Bondville, and Stratton, we hope to expand our community.


We work with you to keep prices reasonable. We accommodate with you based on your budget. We also enjoy building connections and bonds with our clients. Getting to know each and every person and work with you to enhance your building dream makes our job truly rewarding. At the end of the day, we love meeting and working with different people and their ideas to help complete their ideal creations; looking at what we have accomplished is just a bonus.

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